The Upcoming Election in Denver, CO: A Comprehensive Guide

Get all the information you need about the upcoming election in Denver, CO from a political expert. Find out when the election is, what positions are up for election, how to vote, key issues being discussed, and what the main candidates are saying.

The Upcoming Election in Denver, CO: A Comprehensive Guide

The city of Denver, Colorado is getting ready for its next election, and as a political expert, I am here to provide you with all the necessary information about the upcoming election in Denver, CO.

When is the Election?

The next election in Denver, CO will take place on November 2, 2021. This is a municipal election, which means it will only be for local offices and issues. It is important to note that this date may change due to unforeseen circumstances, so it is always best to stay updated on any changes.

What Positions are Up for Election?

There are several positions up for election in Denver, CO this year. These include the mayor, city council members, and school board members. The mayor of Denver serves a four-year term and can only serve two consecutive terms.

City council members serve four-year terms as well, with no term limits. School board members serve four-year terms and can also serve two consecutive terms.

How Can I Vote?

In order to vote in the upcoming election in Denver, CO, you must be a registered voter. If you are not yet registered, you can do so online or by mail. The deadline to register to vote in this election is October 4, 2021. Once you are registered, you have a few options for casting your vote.

You can vote by mail, early in-person at designated locations, or on Election Day at your designated polling place. It is important to note that if you choose to vote by mail, your ballot must be received by 7pm on Election Day in order to be counted.

What are the Key Issues in this Election?

As with any election, there are several key issues that are being discussed and debated in Denver, CO. One of the main issues is affordable housing. With the city's population growing rapidly, there is a high demand for affordable housing options.

Candidates are proposing various solutions to address this issue. Another key issue is public transportation. Denver has been working on expanding its public transportation system, but there are still many improvements that need to be made. Candidates have different ideas on how to improve and fund public transportation in the city.


is also a major topic in this election. With the pandemic highlighting the disparities in education, candidates are discussing ways to improve and support the education system in Denver.

What are the Main Candidates Saying?

There are several candidates running for each position in this election, but here are some of the main candidates and their stances on key issues:
  • Michael Hancock (Incumbent Mayor): Focusing on affordable housing, public transportation, and economic development.
  • Jamie Giellis (Challenger for Mayor): Prioritizing affordable housing, addressing homelessness, and improving public transportation.
  • Candi CdeBaca (Incumbent City Council Member): Advocating for social justice, affordable housing, and environmental sustainability.
  • Amanda Sawyer (Challenger for City Council Member): Focusing on public safety, affordable housing, and improving infrastructure.
  • Tay Anderson (Incumbent School Board Member): Prioritizing equity in education, mental health resources for students, and teacher pay.
  • Brad Laurvick (Challenger for School Board Member): Focusing on school safety, improving communication between schools and families, and supporting teachers.

Why is this Election Important?

The outcome of this election will have a direct impact on the city of Denver and its residents.

The elected officials will be responsible for making decisions that will affect the daily lives of citizens, such as budget allocations, policies, and initiatives. It is important for voters to educate themselves on the candidates and their platforms in order to make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming election in Denver, CO is an important one for the city and its residents. With key issues such as affordable housing, public transportation, and education at the forefront, it is crucial for voters to stay informed and make their voices heard. Remember to register to vote by October 4, 2021 and mark your calendars for November 2, 2021 to cast your vote in this important election.